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Thinking of Suicide?

Are you, or is a young person you know, not coping with life? For confidential suicide prevention advice contact:


  • Who will I talk to when I contact HOPELINEUK?

    When you call you will get through to a HOPELINEUK suicide prevention adivser. HOPELINEUK advisers are life-assisting care givers, and they are all trained to help people stay safe from acting on thoughts of suicide.

    A HOPELINEUK suicide prevention adviser is someone who:

    • will ask about thoughts of suicide
    • will take you seriously
    • won’t judge you
    • will give you a safe space to talk about things that might be impacting your thoughts of suicide
    • won’t be shocked by anything you say
    • you can trust
    • will advise and support you with your thoughts of suicide
    • will want to help you keep yourself safe.

    HOPELINEUK advisers are people who each come with their own backgrounds, cultures, family and friends. They may have differing sexuality, ethnicity or physical and mental health than you, however, the focus will always remain on you. We understand that you may ask to know more about the advisers and their experiences, especially if you feel like it may help you. However, HOPELINEUK advisers will not talk about themselves, or answer personal questions as they want the conversation to be about you.

  • What do I say when I call through?

    When you get through by phone, an adviser will answer by asking you how they can help. They understand that it can be hard to talk openly about how you are feeling; especially if you are upset, feeling overwhelmed or worried about talking about suicide. HOPELINEUK advisers will give you space and time to talk about suicide. You don’t have to say anything, but if you do call and feel unable to speak, it’s ok to just hang up the call. You may find it helps to have an idea of  what you want to say before you call. You don’t have to share anything that you don’t want to and advisers will never force you to share anything that you are uncomfortable with but the more you share, the more the adviser will be able to help and understand what advice fits your individual needs and experiences. 

    When you text or email in, you don’t have to say anything in particular, just a simple hello is enough. HOPELINEUK advisers will always reply to every message that is received. After your first contact with HOPELINEUK via text or email, you will get an automatic response with details of the opening hours. If HOPELINEUK is closed when you make contact, your message will be picked up when it reopens.

    HOPELINEUK advisers may ask some questions about what’s happening for you and will explore with you how you are feeling.

  • Will you keep what I say confidential?

    HOPELINEUK is a safe space for you to talk about suicide, whether you are feeling suicidal or are concerned a young person you know may be having thoughts of suicide. HOPELINEUK want to make sure that you feel able to trust to them with what’s happening in your life and will keep everything that you share with them confidential. Advisers keep brief notes on calls so that, if you were to leave a name and then call back, you do not have to repeat your story. These notes can only be seen by the small team of advisers at HOPELINEUK. There may, however, be times when advisers are concerned and may not be able to keep what you share between you and HOPELINEUK, but this happens rarely and advisers try to work with you to reach out for your own support first. If the adviser does have to share any information, they will only share a little information; what is needed in order to help you to stay safe. To have a look at when an adviser may need to share some information with other services, such as the emergency services, and what might be shared you can read our confidentiality policy here.

  • What ways can I contact HOPELINEUK?

    You can contact HOPELINEUK in a number of different ways and the choice of how to make contact is yours.

    • You can call 0800 068 41 41

    All calls to HOPELINEUK are free. When you call this number you will get through to an available HOPELINEUK adviser who is there to support and advise in suicide prevention. If an adviser is not available when you call, then you will come through to the answer machine. This will tell you if you’re in immediate danger you should call 999. If you are not in immediate danger and would like a call back it’s important you leave a contact number as advisers do not have access to caller’s details. HOPELINEUK advisers will always return calls to contact numbers that have been left on the voicemail. When an adviser calls you back, it will appear as a withheld number.

    • You can text 07786 209 697

    Messaging the HOPELINEUK text number works the same as any other text message. You will be charged at your standard network rate. If you contact HOPELINEUK for the first time in opening hours, you will receive the automatic open response. This response gives details of opening hours as well as information on HOPELINEUK’s confidentiality policy.

    If you contact HOPELINEUK for the first time during times of closure you will receive the closure response, detailing opening hours and that HOPELINEUK advisers will respond as soon as they can. HOPELINEUK will respond to texts as soon as they can but during particularly busy times it can take up to 24 hours for us to see your message and reply.

    HOPELINEUK does not have immediate access to your mobile number, as all messages that come through the system are anonymous.

    • You can email

    It is free to email HOPELINEUK and you can do this from your usual email account. Details of your email address will be made anonymous. It can take a little while to respond and in busy times HOPELINEUK’s aim is to reply within 24 hours.

    This means that if you need more immediate suicide prevention advice and support, text and email may not be the best way.

    Although your details are anonymous,  HOPELINEUK can request your number or email address through their system. Advisers would only do this if they are really concerned about you. Advisers will always ask you to provide those details yourself first and tell you if they need to access your number or email address. To look at when this might happen, you can read our confidentiality policy here.

    When you talk to HOPELINEUK either by phone, text or email, you will always talk to a trained suicide prevention adviser. HOPELINEUK advisers will keep a few notes about what you have shared to make sure that they have given you the best support.

  • Can a suicide prevention adviser call someone I am worried about, or pass over their information to the emergency services?

    HOPELINEUK is a confidential service and the advisers cannot contact anybody who did not choose to get in touch with them first. This means that, if you are concerned about someone, the adviser can talk to you about how to support them and they will suggest that you encourage the person who you are concerned about to contact HOPELINEUK themselves, but they are unable to contact the person unless the person reaches out first. 

  • Is there a limit on how long I can talk to a suicide prevention adviser?

    There isn’t a limit on how long you can talk to an adviser for, however, most calls last around 30 minutes. It can be less or more than this, depending on how long it takes to hear about your thoughts of suicide, and how long it then takes to either work on safety or discuss options for longer term support services that might help. You may work on a suicide safety plan with an adviser on your call. This is something you can use to help you to stay safe for now from suicide.

    Although HOPELINEUK are a short term service, there are some people who contact us on a number of different occasions. If you are identified as someone who uses HOPELINEUK frequently, advisers may chat with about how they can better support you and suit your needs. HOPELINEUK has limited resources and can get really busy. It’s important that you use the advice that you are given and make the most of the call.

  • Will I speak to the same person every time I get in contact?

    HOPELINEUK has a number of different HOPELINEUK advisers who work as part of a team to best support you. When contacting HOPELINEUK by text and email, different advisers may respond to your messages, so you may talk to a couple of different people during one conversation. On the phone, the adviser who picks up your call will work with you to make sure that you receive the right information and support that suits you, so it may or may not be someone you have spoken to before. It is not possible to choose to speak to a certain adviser, however they are all trained to provide the same service. If you feel able to leave a name to identify your call notes, this could help is the future as you will not need to repeat your story from the beginning if you speak to a different adviser.

  • Is it a real person that I am talking to?

    HOPELINEUK advisers are all real people who work across all three of HOPELINEUK services. The first contact that you get from HOPELINEUK on the text and email service is an automated response, but contacts from that point onward will be from HOPELINEUK advisers. 

    Contacts are not scripted, but all advisers are trained in the same way and therefore you may find that they phrase things in similar ways. This is to make sure that whoever you get through to is able to give you the same support and advice. Advisers will ask similar questions as they want to make sure that they know about your situation, whether you are contacting HOPELINEUK for advice and support for yourself or for someone else.

    Advisers will focus the call on you and therefore will not share any personal details with you.

  • Can I give you my opinion of how helpful I found the service?

    HOPELINEUK is always looking for feedback from the people they talk to. The more they know about how you found talking to HOPELINEUK, the better. HOPELINEUK advisers want to know what they are doing right and what they can improve on, and welcome your opinion on this. You can provide feedback here or if you don’t want to fill out the form, you can email

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Thinking of Suicide?