For the next 5 weeks, we’ll be posting updates from PAPYRUS Supporter George as she embarks on a pilgrimage known as ‘The Way of St James’. She is walking the route in memory of her daughter, Sophie.

If you would like to make a donation to support George on Sophie’s walk, you can do so here.

22/5/19 – Day 5

“After an emotional goodbye to my amazing brother Billy, who has looked after me since St. Jean, we left Pamplona and climbed up to Alto del Perdon. A most beautiful walk in the sunshine. People who have watched “The Way” will recognise the sculptures (see image below). 

I scattered some of Sophie’s ashes and she flew away into the wind. Once over the hills we were into serious arable agricultural land. No more horses like before Pamplona, just fields of wheat, barley and oats, all beautifully surrounded by poppies.

Refuge tonight, 5 euros each!


“People who have watched ‘The Way’ will recognise the sculptures”


George with her brother, Billy, and friend, Marian.


21/5/19 – Day 4

To Pamplona

Our walk today involved ups and downs along the River Arga where I scattered some of Sophie’s ashes in the sunshine. She is with us!

Pamplona is pleasant and noisy. Celebrations were happening as the team have been promoted. To what league, who knows?

Great evening in good company despite the food!”

20/5/19 – Day 3

“Better weather and a longer walk of 28k.”

Muddy boots after a 28k walk

19/5/19 – Day 2

Rain, cold, wind and a touch of snow.

After much faffing and doubt on my part, we decided to walk the high route despite the weather. Only one photo from today as there was no visibility. If yesterday was boot camp, today was endurance.

I had intended to rest some of Sophie’s ashes at the highest point, but it was too cold and wet for me and I didn’t want to leave her there, even though she was a toughie in that respect.

Writing this in Hotel Ronscesvalles’ bar, where Sophie would sit with a pint!!

More in two days from Pamplona (hopefully) with some sunshine (hopefully).


George and friends walking with, and in memory of Sophie.

18/5/19 – Day 1

Boot Camp!

After the train to St. Jean, we faced what I found to be a challenging walk of nearly 5 miles uphill.

I followed the others, but the highlights were seeing eagles and a red kite; and the night’s hostel suddenly appear!”

17/5/19 – Beginning the journey

Mishaps, delays and misbehaviour!

Due to delays we chanced an earlier train with invalid tickets to the airport and succeeded. We must look like innocents!

The time saved was of no use whatsoever as flight badly delayed

In the meantime, having forgotten to weigh myself pre-Camino, I was caught by airport staff using the baggage check in machine! Marian laughed before I was told off as it simply read ‘machine overload’!”

George and Marian at Oxenholme Station, on their way to the airport.

16/5/19 – Introduction

“The Way of St James (Camino) is a long distance footpath with a difference. For hundreds of years it has been a pilgrimage from a variety of places in Europe to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. I am hoping to complete the 800 kilometre route from St jean de Pied de Port in the French Pyrenees.

I start on Saturday 18th May. I am walking with and in memory of our beautiful daughter Sophie who took her own life on 19th December 2018. It is going to be called “Sophie’s Walk”; and I intend to continue to raise awareness of, and even funds for PAPYRUS, the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide.

My ongoing story will be published every few days here on the PAPYRUS website and potentially also in the Westmoreland Gazette.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.


George’s daughter, Sophie, who passed away in December 2018.

We will be posting regular updates from George as she takes on ‘The Way of St James’ in memory of Sophie. If you would like to make a donation to support George on Sophie’s walk, you can do so here.

9 comments on “Sophie’s Walk: The Way of St James

  1. Sally Ramage on

    Good luck George!!

    Soph will be with you every step of the way!

    She will be so proud of you while simultaneously laughing her head off at you when you can remember your passwords for your log ins or you fall on your bottom at any point!

    Remember I want your legs mahogany when you get home!

    So much love to you George

    Sal xxx

  2. Amanda Workock on

    Good luck George
    Having seen you romp 14 miles with my brother Beating Lowick Parish Bounds I know you can do this rain or shine!
    A brilliant charity too which we are very happy to support
    Keep going and have fun too
    Amanda and Peter

  3. Claudia Arthurs on

    How are you doing George?… getting caught weighing yourself on the baggage scales is a George moment and utterly hilarious 🤣. I hope the weather has improved and you are doing well!
    Much love
    Claudia and Rich xxx

  4. S on

    Hope you’re settling into the stride.
    Looking forward to keeping track of your adventures. Amazed by the effort – my gammy knees would have given up by now.
    Lots of love. Sandy x

  5. Mark Houston on

    So much love for you and Marian right now (and a hearty well done to Billy). Praying that you enjoy the experience of the Way as you go. You know it’s what she would have wanted.

  6. Marie on

    Lovely to hear the updates George. Doing all the things you told the kids not to do in the airport I see! LOL.

    Such an amazing journey, emotionally and physically. Soph will be very proud. Huge Well Done.

    Remember when the going gets tough – the tough get going!

    Keep sending us updates.

    Love Marie and Brian xxx


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